Upgrades & Improvements
Despite most System Upgrades requiring less substantial hardware than stand-alone machines, all MDS Ltd retrofit equipment is designed and selected using the same thorough procedure applied to new machine projects. This means the hardware is specified, designed and manufactured to suit the customer’s application and is assembled to a sufficient stage of completion at the MDS Ltd works, to minimise the on-site installation time.
The following headings give an over-view of the scope of MDS Ltd services offered, with typical sub-section examples. Most of these applications can be seen in the Machine Portfolio
Process Improvement

 Modifications for New Products
 Increased Production Rates
 Additional Folding – Gluing – Laminating
 Additional UV Curing – Heating – Chilling
 Clean Air Filtration – Extraction
Materials Handling / Automation
 Unwind & Rewind Turrets
 Manual & Automatic Splicing
 Reel Lifting and Transport Systems
 Automatic Product Transfer
 Product Batching – Collating
 Bagging - Boxing – Conveying
 Quick-Change Roller Sleeves
Web Handling
 Folding Systems - Turning Bars
 Tension Control - Web Guiding
 Cutting – Slitting – Trim Extraction
 Web Cleaning – Anti-Static Systems
Drive Upgrades
 Power Transmission Upgrades
 Variable Speed Drives for existing motors
 Upgrading obsolete analogue Drives
 Digital Speed Locking
 Servo Positioning Systems
Safety Systems
 Interlocked Guarding
 Emergency Stop Systems
 Additional Braking for high inertia applications
 Automation for Manual Handling issues