Auto-Load Centre Rewind Turret
 Reel  1500mm
 Reel Weight 2000 kg
 Web Width 1800mm
 Web Speed 300 m/min
 45 kW DC Drives
 Load-Cell Tension     Control
  with Auto Flying Splice Unit
 3 Stage Pneumatic Bump Roll /     Lay-on Assembly
 Serrated Full Width Cutter
 Spreader Roll
Manual Splicing Table
Designed for manual cutting and splicing at a 2-ply laminate unwind with the line stopped – many options available.
2 Stage Auto Splicing Unit
Designed to individually attach a film and interleaf layers on to a pre-taped rewind core - with web accumulating

Twin Axis Surface Driven Unwind Turret

Designed to feed 2-ply tissue into a Napkin / Serviette production line. The 800mm web is centre-slit and passes over turning bars, before entering a 2-deck embossing station. The 2-stage Hydraulic Reel Lift System provides easy reel handling in an area with no over-head lifting facility – many other variations available, including Shaft-less, Cantilever, Braked, Centre Driven ……………etc
 Reel  1200mm
 Web Width 800mm
 500 kg Reel Capacity
 Web Speed 350 m/min
 Semi-Auto Reel Loader
 AC Index Drive System
 Surface Drive Arms
 DC Surface Drive System
 Dancer Tension control
 End of Reel Alarm
 Position Safety Interlocks

Elevated Braked Unwind Turret

 Reels:  800mm
 Web Width 1400mm
 750 kg Reel Capacity
 Pneumatic Brake System
 Load-Cell Tension Control
 Remote P/B Motorised Side-Lay
 Elevated Platform & Walkway
Designed to feed additional film and foil webs into the laminating station of an existing film extrusion process.
In this case reels are loaded with an existing over-head factory hoist, but onboard loading facility is available.