Disposable Table Cover Making Line

 Unwind Reel 1200mm
 Unwind Reel Weight 1200 kg
 Web Width 1200mm
 Web Speed up to 100 m/min
 AC Vector Surface Drive Arms
 Dancer Tension Control
 Remote P/B Side-Lay Control
 Steel – Steel Embossing Unit
 In-line Half, “Z” & “W” Folds
 Cut Lengths 800mm - 1800mm
 Variable Cross-Fold Station(s)
 Product Collator / Transfer Unit
One of a range of machines designed to make disposable Table Covers from paper, non-woven fabrics and poly-tissue laminates. Product Cut-length and Folding Format controls are available from mechanical operator adjustments through to fully automatic servo systems with “product family” menus.
Napkin / Hand Wipe Folder
 Unwind Reel 1200mm  750 kg
 Web Width 600mm
 Surface Driven  Up to 300 m/min
 Dancer Tension Control
 In-line Half, “Z” & “W” Folding
 Folding Heads 150mm - 400mm
 Band-Knife Cutter with Auto-Grinding
 Product Pack / Batch Counter
Designed to fold tissue and non-woven fabrics. Fold sizes available from 50mm – 150mm. Speeds up to 1000 pieces/min.
Folding Systems
A wide range of single and multi-lane systems for folding paper, non-woven fabrics, tissues and film –Fold formats include:
 M-Fold  W-Fold
 Z-Fold  Half-Fold
Reel-Reel Paper Embossing Line
 Reels up to  1200mm  Reel Weight 1200kg  Web Width 1250mm
 Web Speed up to 120 m/min  Braked Unwind with Manual Side-Lay
 Steam Conditioning Plant  Steel-Steel Oil Heated Embossing Station
 DC Centre Rewind with Calculated Tension  Lay-on Roller Assembly

This line is making “Damask” pattern stock for Table Covers and Banquet Rolls