Linear Cutters  
MDS Ltd Linear Traverse Cutters offer repeatable, high accuracy cutting for many extruded sheet and other slow-moving web processes. A multi-axis Servo Drive System locks the linear-guided Cutter Carriage precisely on to web speed whilst a cutting head traverses the feed direction and cuts the web. The Cutters shown are fitted with “Flying Knives” and replace conventional guillotines on poly-board extruding lines – high cut-accuracy removes the need for additional off-line product trimming. MDS Ltd can design these units with a variety of different cutters, as well as offer the same basic control platform for other positioning / following applications.

1.5m Linear Traverse Cutter

 Variable Speed In-feed Nip Rolls
 Twin Cassette Multi Razor-Slit Station
 Servo driven Cutter Carriage assembly
 Servo driven “Flying Knife” Cutter
 Variable Speed Out-feed Nip Rolls
 Interlocks & Outputs for Stacker Control

2.3m Linear Traverse Cutter

Specification as above, with additional “on-the-run” Cut-Angle adjustment

Auto Tension Haul-off

 Rubber-Rubber Nip Rolls
 Pneumatic Nip Pressure Control
 Sliding Nip Roll Carriage Unit
 AC Vector Drive System
 Tension Feedback System
Providing accurate “in-line” tension control on a poly-board Extruding line. The drive system on the unit shown can produce up to 250 kg of tension at up to 10 m/min.

Main Line Haul-off

 Rubber-Rubber Nip Rolls with Pneumatic Nip Pressure Control
 Variable Speed AC Vector Drive System providing main line speed
A high torque Haul-off unit with precise speed and nip pressure control. These units can be designed to suit a wide range of extrusion applications and can provide main line speed or be used as intermediate draw stations.