Collators & Conveyors

Napkin Pack Collator-Conveyor
One of a batch of MDS Ltd Napkin Collator-Conveyor systems, designed to turn and transfer product packs back to a carton-filling unit.
Table Cover Collator

 Motorised Edge Conveyors
 Optical Product Sensor
 Digital Pack Counter
 Pneumatic Stacker Unit
 Pneumatic Transfer
Designed to collate paper Table Covers at up to 80 pieces/min and transfer the packs back to the operator for bagging.


Table Cover Pack Transfer Conveyor
One of many MDS Ltd designed conveyor systems, using motorised roller beds with multi flat belt feeders and transfer stages.

Automatic Food Tray Collator-Bagger
A fully automatic, multi-axis servo driven Food Tray Collating and Bagging machine, designed to reduce manning levels on an Irwin manufactured EPS forming line. The unit locates into the output of the existing Trim Press punch / die platen and, operating in conjunction with an MDS Ltd designed Punch Ejector System, collates 3 lanes of product at up to 75 cycles/min. Once the preset count has been reached (125 trays, typically) each lane is indexed to the Bagging station where it is inserted into a “Wicketed” Bag and transferred back to the operator. Due to this particular EPS line having to run completely different products from time to time, MDS Ltd has designed the system to be fully mobile – separating easily into 2 units, the above system can be unplugged and replaced with the original packing table in approx. 15 minutes.